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Is it time for a website redesign? There are numerous reasons why a website redesign can improve your online marketing goals. 

Why should I redesign my website?

1) Website is visually outdated, doesn't reflect your brand, is poorly designed

A well-designed website builds trust in your brand and can help visitors determine (in their minds) whether you are a legitimate business or organization. If your site is outdated and poorly designed, visitors could lose confidence based on the visual appeal of your site. Do you have clearly designed calls-to-action? Is your navigation intuitive? A good design is critical for the best website visitor experience.

We can help you by redesigning a website that is professionally designed and helps boost visitor confidence in your products or services.

2) Website is not mobile responsive

Having a mobile-responsive site is critical for providing a good online experience for your mobile visitors. With more people using mobile devices to browse online, you want to make sure that your website has an intuitive interface, with clear calls-to-action, that allows your visitors to easily learn about your products and services. In addition, if your website is not mobile responsive, it may receive ranking penalties from search engines. Learn more about mobile responsive design.

3) You're not seeing the results you want

Ask yourself these questions. Do you have clear calls-to-action that convert visitors? Is your target audience connecting with your brand? Do you have an attractive website that doesn't convert? Does your site have too much, or too little, text that doesn't connect with your prospects? Do you have the right tools on your website to grow your customer base?

4) Your website has functionality problems

Sometimes we visit websites that, frankly, just don't work properly. Ask yourself - is it easy for your website visitors to find the content they need via an intuitive navigation? Do your contact forms work properly, and are they tailored to specific products or services? Do you have broken links or errors? Do you have outdated software that doesn't function properly? A redesign is the perfect opportunity to address these functionality issues.

5) Your website is slow

We all love slow-loading websites, right? Wrong! An outdated, image-heavy site, with clunky code may prevent your site from loading faster. This can also hinder your search engine optimization efforts. Optimizing your site code base and images in a redesign can help provide a better and faster user experience, and it may give you a boost in search engine rankings. Contact us for a website audit to determine how your site's performance can be improved.

These are some of the reasons you may benefit from a website redesign. It is important to review your website goals to determine whether it makes sense to move forward with a redesign versus making modifications to your current site. Call us at 919-999-4845 if you have any questions about website redesigns. We're here to help!

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